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  • Social Media Made Easier: Content Planning for Musicians

    Social Media Made Easier: Content Planning for Musicians

    You’ve decided how you want to brand yourself online. You’ve created your band’s social media pages. You’re posting regularly, and still, you’re not seeing results. The solution: content planning. By putting all of your energy into posting new content without thinking about the big picture, you’re only getting half the job done. Instead, set marketing goals, […]

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  • Entrepreneurship in Music: Gramovox

    Entrepreneurship in Music: Gramovox

           Entrepreneurship in Music Series: 008        GRAMOVOX Co-Founder and CEO, Pavan Bapu Gramovox is an American nostalgia lifestyle brand born, based, and built in Chicago, Illinois, that reimagines vintage design with modern technology. Their debut product is the wireless Bluetooth Gramophone. Its bold design and vintage sound are inspired by the 1920s Magnavox […]

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  • Off Notes: Inventing New Instruments

    Off Notes: Inventing New Instruments

    Happy Friday! We never go into writing Off Notes with a theme, but week after week, there seem to be common threads in everything we come across. This week: creating instruments. We’ve found not one, but two newly-invented instruments, a stunning video of building a guitar by hand, and a short piece of web code that will turn your […]

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Ryan Lott: Designing Sample-Based Instruments