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  • Music to Fish To

    Music to Fish To

    I recently decided to hurl myself full-throttle back into saxophonist, composer and painter John Lurie’s intensely bizarre fishing program from the early 90s, Fishing with John, by binge watching every single episode in one sitting. This was not a difficult feat considering there were only 6 short episodes and each features a lovable celebrity guest fishing,…

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  • You Should Be Touring

    You Should Be Touring

    By Michael Corcoran Michael Corcoran is the CEO of musicSUBMIT, a music publicity service for DIY artists. This article was reblogged from musicSUBMIT’s tumblr, you can read the original here. Last month the CD Baby DIY Musician blog posted “Do traditional tours still make sense for independent artists” by guest blogger Jason Schellhardt. The blog post states that…

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  • How to Keep Your Musical Resolutions

    How to Keep Your Musical Resolutions

    Stockings are coming down, crumpled wrapping paper’s being shoved into recycling bins, and people worldwide are skeptically patting their winter weight in anticipation of the coming year. While we whole-heartedly support your decisions to start taking cross-acro-zum-fit classes and maintaining a strict paleo-free-tarian diet, why not add something painless to your resolution list? Here are two…

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Com Truise: Mid-Fi Synthwave Slow-Motion Funk