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  • New Genre Alert: TUWDSSHSWAI!

    New Genre Alert: TUWDSSHSWAI!

    By Nyle Emerson & Jeremy Young Here at Soundfly, we’re always looking for the next big thing — the next wave of popular music bubbling up to the surface from the underground. But every now and then, a new genre pops up that’s been right under our noses for years, it’s familiar and yet foreign,…

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  • Entrepreneurship in Music: Third Side Music

    Entrepreneurship in Music: Third Side Music

           Entrepreneurship in Music Series: 007        THIRD SIDE MUSIC Founder, A&R, and VP Finance Jeff Waye Splitting his time between Los Angeles and Montréal, Jeff Waye started Third Side Music (TSM) after years of running the famed independent electronic music label, Ninja Tune. Third Side Music is now celebrating its tenth year and…

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