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  • Entrepreneurship in Music: Diggers Factory

    Entrepreneurship in Music: Diggers Factory

        Entrepreneurship in Music Series: 013     DIGGERS FACTORY Founder Alexis Castiel Diggers Factory is an online vinyl pre-order and production service built like a crowdfunding platform and with an international network of digital “crate-diggers” to back it up. Founder Alexis Castiel actually calls it “a community platform,” as it offers fans and professionals a chance to work […]

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  • How to Properly Maintain Your Vinyl

    How to Properly Maintain Your Vinyl

    By Jessica Kane Any vinyl enthusiast will tell you how crucial it is to maintain and protect your records. Although vinyl records are considered by many to produce the best quality sound, they certainly won’t do so forever unless you take care of them properly. Records are particularly susceptible to scratches, heat, and sunlight. To […]

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  • The COMPASS: Nashville, TN

    The COMPASS: Nashville, TN

     By Lauren Shera I deliberately relocated myself to Nashville to place myself in the vibrant musical culture of this city. I wanted to get away from the country music and honky tonk scene on Broadway, and closer to the alternative singer/songwriters of East Nashville. Here are a few of my most beloved spots in Music City. The Basement […]

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