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  • Entrepreneurship in Music: Gramovox

    Entrepreneurship in Music: Gramovox

           Entrepreneurship in Music Series: 008        GRAMOVOX Co-Founder and CEO, Pavan Bapu Gramovox is an American nostalgia lifestyle brand born, based, and built in Chicago, Illinois, that reimagines vintage design with modern technology. Their debut product is the wireless Bluetooth Gramophone. Its bold design and vintage sound are inspired by the 1920s Magnavox…

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  • Off Notes: What Happened in Music This Week

    Welcome to our weekly recap of the best of the musical internet. Summer is an awesome time for music. While the rest of the entertainment industry takes sun-drenched breaks, the northern hemisphere (sorry, chilly Chile) is abuzz with all kinds of outdoor shows and festivals. This week we saw more of Lenny Kravitz than we expected, a lovely show of…

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Ryan Lott: Designing Sample-Based Instruments