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  • An Introduction to FM Synthesis

    An Introduction to FM Synthesis

    + Learning about synthesis? Soundfly’s got a definitive new online course called Advanced Synths and Patch Design For Producers! Preview for free and subscribe for access.  A synthesist’s arsenal is only as deep as their knowledge of technique, and we’ve covered a lot of technique. From the hilarious to the challenging, sometimes a dive into why something sounds the…

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  • The COMPASS: Nashville, TN

    The COMPASS: Nashville, TN

     By Lauren Shera I deliberately relocated myself to Nashville to place myself in the vibrant musical culture of this city. I wanted to get away from the country music and honky tonk scene on Broadway, and closer to the alternative singer/songwriters of East Nashville. Here are a few of my most beloved spots in Music City. The Basement…

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RJD2: From Samples to Songs