Join Ethan Hein’s Chords & Harmony Writing Lab to Make More Emotive Music

We’re launching a brand new learning experience. Join a small group of other musicians and the prominent educator Dr. Ethan Hein in exploring the ins-and-outs of chords and how the harmonic choices you make can elevate your music. 

This Chords & Harmony Writing Lab will last one month, with weekly workshops, daily discussions, creative challenges, feedback, support, and much more.

If you’re a music maker who feels there are gaps in your theory knowledge, then this experience is for you. 

Learn theory. Analyze popular songs. Make tracks. Get feedback. Level up your music.

Harmony imbues music with feeling and emotion. In this one month intensive led by educator and prominent music blogger Ethan Hein, we’ll be unwrapping the core elements of chords and harmony — from the functional to the fantastic — and how to use them in modern music.

Imagine your dream graduate seminar, with weekly challenges, engaged peers, and hands-on instruction from a highly accomplished instructor. We’ll nerd out on harmonies and chord changes that can take your breathe away, and practice putting those lessons into action.

Email us at [email protected] to find out about payment plans or subscriber discounts and learn everything you need to know about this exciting lab here.

Meet Dr. Ethan Hein

Dr. Ethan Hein has a PhD in music education and teaches theory, songwriting, technology, and music education at NYU, The New School, Montclair State University, and Western Illinois University. His blog is hugely popular, and his articles on theory and breaking down popular songs are regularly cited in classes around the world. He also developed the award-winning learning tool, the Groove Pizza. 

Together with Will Kuhn, he is the co-author of Electronic Music School: a Contemporary Approach to Teaching Musical Creativity, published in 2021 by Oxford University Press.

Dr. Hein’s video-based courses with Soundfly are some of our most popular ever: 

In this Writing Lab, he will be taking those courses one step further with direct interaction, support, feedback, and discussion to help you deepen your knowledge of music theory.

Learning Is Better With a Cohort

Peer-group learning, or cohort learning, features an active hands-on project-based methodology, replete with live workshops, interaction with the instructor as well as other musicians, chat and breakout groups, and community support and feedback.

Ask About Payments Plans

If you have questions if the course is right for you or want to discuss a payment plan, email us at [email protected]. We’re happy to chat.

Ready? Don’t delay, this Writing Lab will be capped at 20 places.

Learn to apply complex harmonic concepts to your music in Soundfly’s online course with Ethan Hein, The Creative Power of Advanced Harmony. Preview for free today.

Com Truise: Mid-Fi Synthwave Slow-Motion Funk

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