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Quick Tracks Monthly Challenge Roundup: May

Quick Tracks Monthly

Quick Tracks is Soundfly’s monthly series of creative musical challenges. To get your right brain bubbling with creative ideas, we love thinking up short production and songwriting challenges, aimed at helping you solve fun musical conundrums. But here’s the real kicker: respond to the challenge and you can earn 40% off any of our Mainstage courses, and not only that, we share our favorite challenge response weekly to our 40k strong newsletter community! Just email us, leave a comment, or post to social media with the hashtag #quicktracks and tag us @learntosoundfly.

But we’re changing things up ’round these parts. Since we send a short Creative Prompt with every issue of Soundfly Weeklyour new email magazine that revolves around a different curated theme every Tuesday, you can now find all of our recent challenges right here. And feel free to tackle any one you like. (Remember, we share our favorite contributed tracks with our entire community, so don’t be shy!)

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1. Finish Something!

Spring is in full swing, May flowers are in full bloom, graduation caps are suspended in mid-air for eternity, and… summer is just around the corner. Before you begin your next seasonal chapter, it’s time to wrap something up. Find something unfinished — whether that’s a half-written verse, or a music-less beat collecting dust in a DAW somewhere, or a fledgling idea from years ago — and dive back into it. We’re not saying go out and publish it, but take some time to fully actualize a fragmented track, and share your story of the project with us in whatever form you like!

This is your chance to try something new with an old piece!

2. Channel the Stimuli of Spring!

It’s officially spring here on the Eastern Seaboard (took long enough)! And that means we’re surrounded by the blossoming sounds of all things coming back to life. Whether by sampling in a beat or building a meditative piece, challenge yourself to use the sounds of springtime in a track. 

Need inspiration? Here are some sounds for you:

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4. Make a 60-Second Funk Groove à la Prince

Check out our Prince-themed Quick Tracks for more information and inspiration, and to familiarize yourself with Prince’s signature minimalist funk guitar sound, his chord voicings, and his unique approach to arranging, developed across several albums — and then try writing your own 60-second groove in his style! 

Think funky. Think light instrumentation, but also driving rhythmic centricity. The balance between those elements is key to attaining pro-level Prince swagger.

4. Compose a Piece at the Extremes

It’s all too easy to open up a blank session and start writing in familiar keys, around middle C, at normal tempos. So we challenge you to write a short piece (8–16 bars) that embraces extremes in some way. It can be blisteringly loud, agonizingly slow, absurdly high, or something else entirely.

Push your instruments to the edges of their registers, and yourself to the edge of your comfort zone.

Take one of the challenges, create a track that responds to the creative prompt, and share your work with us via email or on social media with the hashtag #quicktracks (and by tagging us @learntosoundfly). We’re excited to see what you come up with! Don’t hold back. Remember that your contribution can earn you 40% off your next course with us, potentially a share within our network of 40k+ musicians and music lovers.

Good luck!


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