This Grammy-Winning Songwriter Wants to Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2022

Ian Prince

Ian Prince

Get personalized feedback from a Grammy-winning songwriter and producer.

Ian Prince studied classical piano, violin, and percussion at the Royal College of Music in London. At 17, he signed his first professional contract as a songwriter with EMI Music, where he would go on to write songs for major artists like Jermaine Jackson and Earth, Wind and Fire.

Ian also won a Grammy Award in 1989 for his work as a writer, arranger, and keyboardist on Quincy Jones’ multi-platinum album, Back On The Block. Since then, he’s racked up a few more hits including a Billboard Pop #1 single.

Learn more about Ian’s own studio here, and request a session below. Whether you’re looking to advance your mixing, enliven your arrangements, or get a pro-level ear on your songwriting, Ian is ready to work with you.

Ian Prince

Here are a few possible session goals you can achieve working 1-on-1 with Ian Prince (click the one which best suits your needs):


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