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Jerrilynn Patton, better known as Jlin, is an electronic musician from Gary, Indiana. Patton began producing rhythmic dance music as part of the juke/footwork scene in Chicago, and first gained notoriety with tracks appearing on Planet Mu’s 2011 compilation, Bangs & Works, Vol. 2, alongside RP Boo, DJ Rashad, and others. In recent years, her music has veered off in a direction entirely her own, with releases like Dark Energy (2015) and Black Origami (2017) garnering immense critical acclaim. Considered one of the most innovative and boundary-pushing artists of the last decade, Patton has worked with creative luminaries like Björk, Kronos Quartet, Holly Herndon, William Basinski, Third Coast Percussion, and more. Despite relying on samples early on in her career, Patton’s music has markedly abandoned the use of borrowed material in favor of using original sounds and instruments to produce a unique style of “vulnerable” electronic dance music that is at times frenetic and unpredictable, at times minimal and spacious, but always concise, emotive, and communicative. Jlin's online course, Jlin: Rhythm, Variation, & Vulnerability, is available now exclusively on Soundfly.