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Rachel Laitman

Rachel Laitman is a singer-songwriter from Westchester, NY based in Cummington, MA. Find her music on Bandcamp. “When an artist is selected, overproduced, air-brushed, homogenized, neutered, and packaged by children in marketing departments of corporations for the masses – as it is in dynasty America dreaming of Super Bowls – real talent, pure talent like that of Rachel Laitman goes largely unappreciated. Human angels tragically shrivel against pyrotechnic star-making machinery. Rachel Laitman pours her heart into beautiful songs which quietly soothe peoples’ souls if they would only listen. Laura Nyro comes to mind or Sara McLachlan, those few singer-songwriters that through undeniable talent climb over the competitive frenzy into the public sphere. Ms. Laitman is of that caliber and I entreat you to listen.” –American Poet Gordon Massman