5 Lessons On: Embracing Authenticity

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How to stay true to your authentic voice.

Reaching deep to excavate the aspects of your artistry that are authentic to you is just the beginning… Then, you need to learn how to capture it, crystalize it, communicate it, and continue to service that authenticity for years and years (and projects) to come!

Well, Soundfly’s independent, successful artist instructors all have a plan for that sort of thing. Below are a handful of course lessons collecting their most crucial, actionable advice on the matter. Here are 5 lessons on embracing authenticity. 

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The Pocket Queen oozes authenticity. For most of us, being vulnerable and taking risks in the public eye does not come naturally. Her biggest piece of advice is to not only share “your story,” but each and every chapter, plot twist, and triumph with your following.

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Film score composers Ian Hultquist and Sofia Hultquist (aka Drum & Lace) believe that it’s okay to have a specific sound palette that you’re known for. Working from that, getting an early start on defining a film’s palette is a way to stay true to your authentic core.

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Jlin’s course is chock full of wisdom for those feeling stuck coloring inside the rhythmic grid lines. For her, unpredictability in a beat is a clear sign that she’s on the right path. What are your indicators?

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Songwriter/composer Ryan Lott embraces contrast in his work — often to provocative extremes. He pleads us not to be afraid of painting with big, expressive brush strokes. It’s in how we balance those elements where we find a true and honest version of oneself.

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For Kimbra, building a technical vocabulary with regards to songwriting and music is the first step towards identifying one’s poetic vocabulary as an artist. This popular lesson explores how to do both.

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