5 Lessons On: Beating Writer’s Block

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Beating Writer’s Block &
Generating New Ideas

How do you make sure you never get stuck? It helps to have a variety of creative toolkits and frameworks ready at hand.

Below are five lessons from our artist-led premium courses, designed to help you come up with new, interesting ideas whenever you need them. But the below links are only accessible with an active Soundfly subscription.

So make sure to subscribe to make the most out of this ideation toolkit, and everything else Soundfly has to offer. Here are our favorite 5 Lessons On… Beating Writer’s Block. Enjoy!

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RJD2: “I want to avoid overthinking it.”

Sometimes all you need is a model. In this lesson, sample-based artist RJD2 talks through the initial idea kernels for his most popular songs, and how they sparked to life after that initial push.

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course lesson graphic with Jlin

Jlin: “You have to give yourself a break.”

Every artist battles their own demons. In her case, beat producer Jlin needs to make sure her ears and her intellect are aligned, and not exhausted.

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course lesson graphic with Kiefer

Kiefer: “Think about the contours of your melodic line.”

Grammy-winning pianist and composer Kiefer thinks of melody like a landscape, decorated with hills and valleys. Whenever he gets stuck, he uses that imagery as his playground.

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course lesson graphic with Kimbra

Kimbra: “I like anything that inspires me to feel like a kid again.”

Watching Grammy-winning songwriter Kimbra describe her ideal creative work environment is such an important moment in her course. She needs to feel confident, but challenged; curious and playful, but in control.

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course lesson graphic with Will Marshall

Will Marshall: “Creativity is subconscious.”

In Songwriting For Producers, Will Marshall provides a wealth of avenues for streamlining your productivity, workflow, and ideation process. One such lesson is simply to let go, as most progress happens beneath the surface.

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