Don’t Miss This Womxn-Led Music Production and Tech Summit

The She Knows Tech Summit is a digital event curated for the new generation of multifaceted producers, artists, songwriters and music professionals. This event takes place online from Friday to Monday, 5—8 March, 2021. 

The She Knows Tech Summit celebrates International Women’s Day, but it’s open to all. It’s an event curated for the next generation of multifaceted producers, artists, songwriters, and music professionals. They’ll be putting on a series of 8 Masterclasses, 4 Workshops, 2 Networking Events, 1 Speed Production Challenge, and 1 Virtual Concert. The sessions feature a list of iconic presenters such as Laura Escudé, Bad Snacks, Dressage, Rachel K Collier, and many more.

According to Founder/CEO Jasmine Kok, the Summit’s core mission is:

“To close the music industry’s gender gap and to dispel the notion that womxn are not interested in music production and technology, so it seems like a natural fit to partner with Ableton, Women In Music and Keychange Europe and their opportunity to celebrate and highlight badass female professionals killing it in the industry.”

Soundfly is proud to be supporting this exciting program with an exclusive discount offer on our online course subscription and music mentorship program to all She Knows Tech Summit participants in the Digital Swag Bag (learn more below).

We’re inviting all you budding musicians, producers, engineers, songwriters, artists, and multi-faceted creators out there to join the She Knows Tech Summit 2021, where you will learn how to take total control of your artistry from songwriting and performing, to production and engineering through this virtual conference.

This is a must attend for any music creatives who want to break through and augment their art through the use of technology.

Grab your tickets here.

What exactly is happening?

Here are just some of the events you can expect to enjoy with your ticket to the 2021 She Knows Tech Summit:

  • Masterclasses: Gain exclusive insight on current topics from leading top tier producers and engineers.
  • Workshops: Learn from industry professionals in a small and intimate setting.
  • Speed Networking: Have one-on-one meetings with world’s leading womxn in the industry.
  • Discussion Panels: Join our safe and open discussion on important issues to shape the future of the industry.
  • Elektronica Concert: Have a front row seat to innovative performances by the world’s leading womxn in music.
  • Digital Swag Bag: Exclusive discount codes and extended product trial keys from our collaborating sponsors, including Soundfly, Spitfire, Genelec, SonarWorks, Spitfire Audio, iZotope, Kilohearts, BabyAudio, and Klevgrand.

Grab your tickets here.

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