Listen to Soundfly’s Musical Exquisite Corpse Project (Yup, We Did That.)

In February 2023 we embarked on a strange, new journey alongside a handful of members of the Soundfly subscriber community.

An “Exquisite Corpse” — or cadavre exquis in French — is a collaborative game whereby each contributor can only see a tiny fraction of the whole. It’s commonly done with drawings, where someone draws a head, folds the paper over so only the neck is showing, and passes it on to someone else to draw the body, without any idea what the head looks like. You end up with these absurd chimeras, amalgamated, fantastical creatures from beyond the imagination.

Well, we did one with music.

We invited musicians in our community to create two separate collaborative tracks together in which each musician was invited to contribute a part, while only being able to hear four bars from the contributor before them in line. It was absurd and wonderful, and after some skillful editing, it sort of all came together!

And then we made videos for our Instagram channel.

Listen to both of the full tracks right here via Soundcloud.

Thanks to all the contributors:

GROUP A participants: Martin Fowler, Addison Rich, Greg Cerveny, Tatiana Korkach, Fectoper, Michael Favila, Eva Grill, Savoy Shakir, James Cawlfield, & Lana Cencic.

GROUP B participants: Jeremy Young, Ramon Berguer, Jeffrey Kearney, Jasmine Fellows, Ian Campbell, Sam Amos, Joseph Capalbo, & Lina Farah.

We’re definitely going to be trying this again. 

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