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Community Spotlight: Carrie Herbert Featured on The Conscious Creative

The Conscious Creative

One of the really wonderful things that happens when you launch a podcast is that seemingly out of nowhere, you start developing exciting and meaningful relationships with other podcasts in your space, as well as their hosts and producers, and you start to share in one another’s successes.

Those very things are happening as we speak between us here at Soundfly and The Conscious Creative, an interview-style pod hosted by audio engineer and founder of the MuseWorks Audio production house, Mike Irish. And we’ve become total fans of his podcast as a result.

Back in December, Irish interviewed Carrie Herbert, a songwriter, producer, and co-founder of the organization SongKites. Carrie is a former Soundfly student and current community member as well. In fact, she also appears in a recent episode of our podcast, Themes and Variation, alongside her former mentor, SIRMA, to talk about songs that got us through the last year, and the role that this mentor session has played in each of their careers.

In the below episode of The Conscious Creative, Carrie talks about mental health therapy through song, her personal songwriting process, and her relationship to living, embodied creativity. Listen here:

And be sure to check out Themes and Variation when you get a chance too. Listen to all the episodes wherever you get your podcasts, Apple PodcastsSpotify, or Stitcher, and subscribe if you like what you hear!

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Jeremy Young

Jeremy is a Montreal-based musician, sound artist and improviser who loves giving advice to emerging artists on how to make their tours more effective. He writes, records and performs electroacoustic "concrète" music for tape, oscillators and amplified objects and surfaces, as well as solo guitar. He has performed and released material throughout Europe and the UK, Asia, the US and Canada, mostly with his trio Sontag Shogun.