Soundfly’s Guide to Learning Things Online: Introduction

Soundfly’s Guide to Learning Things Online

Soundfly’s Guide to Learning Things Online

How to Effectively Learn Things Online

With so much of the world operating on lockdown, and in solitary quarantined domestic situations at the moment, we know that many people are seeking to use this time to learn new skills. And there’s no better way to do that nowadays than via the internet. However, learning in isolation without a social component, and online, can result in poor retention of information and skills-building without an understanding of our behavioral pitfalls.

The real challenge is knowing how to make the most of what’s available so that you’re not just an accidental tourist to your own learning.

That’s what we want to help you with: Taking full ownership over your online learning so that it’s effective and contributes to your overall goals.

There’s a huge variety of options for online learning available today, with different levels of handholding. At one end is YouTube, the thrift shop of online information, where you can find the occasional pearl amidst rows of junk. On the other end are high-end courses like Berklee Online, where you’re getting close to a university-level experience.

At Soundfly, we created a personalized mentorship program as a high-end option to help with many of the pain points of learning things on your own, and our new subscription program as the more accessible option if you’re happy poking around on your own.

This guide can be helpful no matter which option you decide to take — whether you enroll in a single in-depth course or piece together your own learning program. Either way, it pays to approach your goals with intention.

You can find this guide compiled all together here and in this Google Doc, or visit each individual section at the links below:

Section 1: Common Mistakes
Section 2: 9 Tips for Getting More Out of Online Learning
Section 3: Our Favorite Online Music Learning Resources

This guide is a work-in-progress based on our findings — we hope to add to it and amend it with your experience so feel free to share your thoughts with me at [email protected].

I hope you enjoy it and happy learning!

Ian Temple
CEO & founder of Soundfly

Check out Soundfly’s entire Guide to Learning Things Online here.

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