The Top 5 Flypaper Articles From May 2022

Top 5 article images May 2022

Top 5 article images May 2022

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Either way, it’s hard to keep up with everything being published on the internet from day-to-day, so here’s a quick feature of the Top 5 most read new blog posts this past month right here on Flypaper. As always on our website, you should encounter a little bit of just about everything. Enjoy!

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5. How to Add a Nostalgic Touch to Your Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Music

male producer making music in the dark

By George MacDonald

From sampling crackling vinyl, to tape saturated drum sounds, to jazzy melodies and chords, lo-fi hip-hop beats make us think of our past. Read the article here.

4. 9 Great Websites to Find Relaxing Nature Recordings

natural landscape and headphones

By Patrick McGuire

Whether you’re in need of some relaxing, peaceful soundscapes, or searching for source audio to sample, these website have you covered. Read the article here.

3. Want to Maximize Learning? Take More “Micro-Breaks.”

man practicing guitar at home

By Dr. Noa Kageyama, Ph.D

A summary of research that supports the idea that our brain activity remains in learning mode while we’re at rest. Hence: take more breaks! Read the article here.

2. How You Define “Success” Says Everything About Whether You’ll Actually Succeed

woman playing bass on stage

By Angela Mastrogiacomo

An OpEd exploring why it’s crucial to take the reigns of success in your own hands, and make it exactly what it needs to be, for you. Read the article here.

1. 5 Different Ways You Can Outline Your Song

two men working together in the studio

By Ramita Aurora

Whether you’re suffering from writer’s block or plagued by TOO MANY song ideas, outlining can help you fill a song’s form and stay on track. Read the article here.

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