5 Rising Artists on Soundfly Right Now

Lani Bagley of the band Ducks!
Lani Bagley of the band Ducks!

We are not Spotify, nor are we Bandcamp, so people don’t typically come to Soundfly to hunt for their next favorite artist. But that all might change once you hear the incredible music that these Soundfly Alumni are making! Come hang out in our humble Brooklyn office any day of the week, and you’ll find us jamming out to music by artists who we believe will be taking over the world pretty soon, and we’re working on ways to help them get there.

So because it’s kind of selfish to keep these incredible acts all to ourselves, we’ve decided to share them with you. Take a listen, follow them on Soundcloud, buy their albums, and enjoy! (And check out the Soundfly courses these 5 on-the-rise artists are taking, as well!)

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Ducks! are an electronic duo from Berlin, Germany. They joined Touring on a Shoestring four months ago with the goal of bringing their project to other cities across Europe. If you like their sound, get them on your bill!


Dritic is yet another youth sensation — just 15 years of age — bursting out of the bustling Australian electronic music scene, and taking the time to maneuver through our Theory for Producers series on the way up. Riding the Southern-Hemisphere coattails of such Aussie dance-heads as Rob Swire (of Pendulum), Tommy Trash, The Presets, Flume, and many others. Dritic is here to prove that Australia isn’t just cranking out a series of flukes, but rather that its artists are the cutting edge of electronic music today.

Pedro Carlos Herrera Lopez

Pedro Lopez stands out from the others on this list as a composer of beautiful orchestral pieces. As part of our Orchestration for Strings course, he composed this challenging snippet of music that includes a number of different textures we learn about in the course. It starts ominously monophonic, which makes that homophonic change 15 seconds in really powerful. We’re really excited to see what Pedro produces next.

Karl Germanovich

In the first installment of our Chiptune Crash Course series, students are taught the basics of LSDJ, a piece of software that allows you to virtually control the sound chip in the Nintendo Game Boy. With these basics, students are taught to make a C major scale. Who would’ve thought that a C major scale would yield such creative and surprising results?! Karl Germanovich really took this exercise to an interesting place. His C major is so funky and alive. I want to hear the rest of this track (and many, many others)! Karl?


Ambizoic (Michael A. Riegert)

Alternate Tunings for the Creative Guitarist is a series of four micro-courses in which guitarists of all levels of experience are encouraged to experiment with something outside the constructs of standard tuning. For the Open D Challenge, Michael A. Riegert (pseudonym: Ambizoic), came up with the dark and bluesy tune, “Half to Have,” and its got a little bit of everything we love here at Soundfly: an ambient intro, an arrangement for both rhythm and lead guitar, and a pun for a title.

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