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Interested in booking a tour through a new town? Learn more about the best venues, unmissable sights, and inspiring musical stops in towns all over the world, direct from the artists who call them home in our ongoing series The Compass: Musicians Introduce Us to Their Cities.

  • The COMPASS: Boise, ID

    The COMPASS: Boise, ID

    By Robert Lanterman Boise is my home. I’ve lived here almost my whole life and am immensely proud of it. While smaller than most cities’, the music community and scene here certainly have had their ups and downs, perhaps more than most. But they’ve survived, no doubt, due to the sheer persistence of those here who…

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  • The COMPASS: Vancouver, BC

    The COMPASS: Vancouver, BC

    By Sarah Davachi Vancouver is Canada’s West Coast conglomerate, a unique mix of every convention you encounter as you cross the border and traverse south: rainy Pacific North West weather, insanely high rental prices, palm trees interspersed with Douglas firs, loads of concrete, and a fair amount of mid-century modernist masterpieces. Having grown up in Calgary,…

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  • The COMPASS: The San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    The COMPASS: The San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    By Rebecca Redman I moved to the Bay Area from a town where there were only two places to play shows — a garage and a supper club. Unless you could convince someone to let you plug in your amplifier in their living room, choices were slim. Moving up to the Bay Area came with a dramatic…

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  • The COMPASS: Montréal, QC

    The COMPASS: Montréal, QC

    Montréal is a live music town through and through. It’s also a hockey town. And sometimes, it’s both at once! People are likely to know this city by its music due to break-out indie rock sensations like Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Mac DeMarco, and the Barr Brothers; major electronic acts such as A-Trak, Grimes, and Kaytranada;…

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  • The COMPASS: Mexico City, MX

    The COMPASS: Mexico City, MX

    By Carlos Metta Vibration. There is no better word to describe Mexico City. And while vibrations literally penetrate the city streets all the time in the form of earthquakes, the city was built atop a dried lake and the entire country spans three tectonic plates, the city vibrates culturally with just as much intensity. There is…

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  • The COMPASS: Philadelphia, PA

    The COMPASS: Philadelphia, PA

    I’m a lifetime Philadelphian and proud of it. It’s an interesting place to grow up and be a musician. Philly is a big East Coast city that can feel like a small town of connected, but decidedly distinct neighborhoods and music scenes. The city is full of some of the oldest stuff in the country and…

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  • The COMPASS: San Diego, CA

    The COMPASS: San Diego, CA

    By Little Hurricane We are Little Hurricane, we’re a rock and roll band and we love San Diego, California. We are a duo, currently finishing our third full-length album. We met a few years ago on Craigslist and have traveled all over the world since. Over the years we’ve gotten to see some amazing places…

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  • The COMPASS: Albuquerque, NM

    The COMPASS: Albuquerque, NM

    By Lindy Vision It wasn’t until Breaking Bad that people finally realized New Mexico is a state in America and that Albuquerque is a small town located therein. But Albuquerque is not only the setting for award-winning television shows, it is also a hip musical haven, with microbreweries popping up like daisies every month. While Albuquerque may not exactly tick…

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  • The COMPASS: Nashville, TN

    The COMPASS: Nashville, TN

     By Lauren Shera I deliberately relocated myself to Nashville to place myself in the vibrant musical culture of this city. I wanted to get away from the country music and honky tonk scene on Broadway, and closer to the alternative singer/songwriters of East Nashville. Here are a few of my most beloved spots in Music City. The Basement…

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  • The COMPASS: Fargo, ND

    The COMPASS: Fargo, ND

    By Go Murphy Fargo has certainly changed over the years, but it always stays true to its character and personality. There is no better example of this than the art you see or the sounds you hear as you venture out for some live music in our city. Our band, Go Murphy, has been together for the…

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