10 Facebook Groups Musicians Need to Join Right Now

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One of the most powerful and yet underutilized tools when it comes to networking in the music industry is Facebook’s prevalence of musician-friendly groups. Beyond the one-on-one mentorship of Soundfly’s customized coaching program, these groups are some of the best places on the internet to voice your opinion, ask for support, inquire about new ventures, and meet a community of other musicians who are eager to be a part of your journey.

Below, I’ve outlined 10 phenomenal groups that are as informative as they are supportive. You won’t find the walls of these groups filled with nonstop artist promo or trolling, but, rather, with thoughtful conversations, connections, and positive encouragement.

1. Music Launch Hub

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My absolute favorite Facebook group for musicians and industry personalities alike is the Music Launch Hub. With its strong dedication to artists supporting one another, this is the first group I turn to when I have a question about how to move forward on a project, want insight into a specific area of the industry, or am just looking for support. Likewise, being able to contribute to other people’s inquiries and offer them support is what makes the Hub such a special place. What’s more, they have a strict no-promo policy beyond your first introduction post, and the members really respect that, ensuring it maintains the highest quality of communication.

2. Rock/Star Collective

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Founded by music industry mindset coach (and Flypaper authorSuzanne Paulinski, The Rock/Star Collective is a twist on most industry support groups. While you can still get traditional industry advice here, the stronger focus falls on maintaining a healthy mindset, which is crucial and oftentimes difficult in this industry. The group also focuses on helping members find structure and meet accountability buddies, and it offers regular livestreams where you can ask Suz questions about everything from marketing to mindset.

3. DIY Touring Group

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The DIY Touring Group is an incredible resource for touring musicians. If you’re an artist hitting the road and you need help filling in a few of your dates, this is your go-to resource. In addition, there’s a lot of chatter around general touring advice, so you can be as prepared as possible before you hit the road.

4. A Promoter’s Life

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Run by Mike Ziemer (of So What?! Music Festival and Third String Productions), A Promoter’s Life is another networking group aimed at providing an open space to ask questions, offer advice, and find support, no matter who you are. There are tons of great discussions going on in this group at all times, on a myriad of subjects including marketing, touring, booking, general industry news, and everything in between. Use this group to connect with others in the industry, and offer value wherever possible.

5. Everyone Knows Everyone

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I mean, it’s true, isn’t it? Everyone truly does know everyone in the industry, and we’re all just a few separations (or less) from each other. This group aims to be a space for music industry members to share info about jobs, gigs, and other paid or volunteer opportunities. Sure, you’ll still find some respectful thought- and opinion-based discussions posted on these walls from time to time, but the group’s main focus is to exchange opportunities openly, and for the benefit of all.

6. Music Biz Besties

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Run by a website and branding expert in the music industry (and another Flypaper contributor!), Katherine Forbes, Music Biz Besties is a safe, innovative space for women to find support, ask questions, and grow their careers using the power of the hive mind. It’s supplemented by a website and a killer mailing list that offers even more tips and tricks for your career, as well as weekly music industry job listings.


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Another incredible women-only group, GBTRS (which stands for Girls Behind the Rock Show) is a powerful wealth of knowledge for music business ladies to collaborate, share opportunities, offer advice, and ask questions. Like the other groups, there’s a strict no-spamming policy, making this another top-notch group to look out for.

8. Female Indie Musicians

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Founded by Bree Noble of FEMusician.com and WOSRadio.com, this is a group aimed at helping you grow your music career through continual support from your fellow group members. As listed in the community rules, it’s a place to share insights, tips, questions, answers, and support one another in our journeys.  In addition to member-curated posts, there are regular prompts like “Follow Friday,” “Marketing Monday,” “Monday Motivation,” and more, making it consistently active.

9. Music Industry Career Networking Group

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In my opinion, this is the premier group for career networking. While many of these groups are aimed at helping you grow your career through advice, support, and community, the MICNG is clear-cut in its career focus. The group connects job seekers with career options, interns with for-credit opportunities in the music industry, and generally helps you further your career through concrete job opportunities in a variety of areas. There’s a bit of a vetting process to this one, so if you know or meet someone who is already a member, that’s your best way in.

10. Songsalive!

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Songwriters rejoice! This is a group dedicated to finding collaborative partners for your songwriting journey. Meant for songwriters, composers, lyricists, and music business pros looking for songs (or offering opportunities), Songsalive! is an excellent resource with plenty of contributors offering their insight and work on a weekly basis.

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