7 Online Resources for Networking in the Music Industry in 2023

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When it comes to success in the music industry, there’s one very clear differentiator between those who find it and those who struggle. It is, of course, networking.

And for my fellow introverts out there, the word “networking” probably immediately makes you break out into hives. Talk to a bunch of strangers? Make small talk? Put myself in a situation to almost certainly feel awkward. No thanks!

I get it. I used to literally hide in the bathroom stall at networking events just to avoid talking to people. I mean, I made myself go to the event but then when it was time to actually talk… I got so anxious I just hid until it was over. (why was that better than just leaving? I don’t know.)

While I see the value in networking events that are held in person and I do think they’re an incredible resource, that’s not what this article is about. You can breathe a sigh of relief if you thought I was going to tell you that you should get out there and start talking to strangers in giant rooms.

Because today we’re talking about online resources for networking. This is a much more effective and comfortable way to network if you’re shy, introverted, or even if you’ve got ambitions to network globally as opposed to just locally; and all without leaving your house. Pretty cool, right?

Here are my personal seven favorite resources for online networking in the music industry right now in particular.

1. Projects by LANDR

Run by the company that brought musicians an automated digital mastering engine, LANDR Projects is a way for musicians to facilitate and keep track of all their collaborations. So, if you’re wanting to co-write with an awesome local artist, Projects allows you to upload the song, provide feedback, swap ideas, exchange files, and everything else you need when it comes to your collaboration.

You can even do virtual sessions in real time, helping make the whole process just about perfect for an online experience. 

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2. Reddit

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Reddit is an untapped goldmine for musicians. With so many subreddits to choose from and a seemingly neverending opportunity for connection, Reddit is a must for musicians and industries who want to find genuine connections as they build their career.

A few suggestions for active music community subreddits to start with include:

3. SheSaidSo

SheSaidSo is one of those communities that largely flies under the radar but is a fantastic hub of knowledge and support for musicians and industry professionals. What sets it apart from the others on this list is that it’s actually entirely run through email, which is unique. So, a few times a day you get updates on posts shared by members that you can then decide to connect with via email. And I know you might be thinking, “I don’t really need more emails” but trust me, you need this one.

Sometimes it’s looking for advice, but very often it’s about sharing paid opportunities and even weekly job listings.

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4. Discord

As the new kids on the block (for the music industry anyways) Discord is still largely a little mysterious to a lot of us. But, when you break it down it’s pretty similar to Slack, Reddit, and even Facebook Groups. You can join different “Servers” (which is what Discord calls groups) around different themes. It could be music business specific or a fan club for one of your favorite artists. It’s a community of like-minded people all sharing their passions and definitely one of the best ways to network online for so many reasons.

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5. Facebook groups

Facebook may be dying a slow death these days with Meta scaring people away from the virtual reality world its seeking to construct, but I’ll continue to hang on as long as Facebook Groups continue to exist. That’s because when you find a good one, it’s worth hanging onto. While there’s lots of trash out there, there are still some really great Facebook groups that harness the power of community and networking, giving participants equal parts unique opportunities and a space to call home.

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6. Gearspace

Who out there doesn’t love th chat about the gear they want, own, or plan to purchase? It’s part of what makes the whole experience so fun and Gearspace knows that.. It touts its name as the #1 website for both amateur and professional engineers but it’s honestly for anyone that owns an instrument or has any interest in any gear.

It’s a strong community that has its members’ backs, and it’s a great way to connect while getting your network on.

7. LinkedIn

The OG of networking.

You might be surprised to find LinkedIn on this list, but it has the reputation for being a networking tool for a reason. It’s a business resource after all, so being on there and meeting folks on there will inevitably be more “professional” than on other websites.

While a lot of the places on this list are very community-driven first, on LinkedIn, you kind of know what you’re getting into. You can get straight to the point of making connections with the hope of it leading somewhere for your career. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be personable or professional, but it does mean that if you’re looking for straight-up networking, an active LinkedIn profile, and a healthy amount of posting, commenting, and participating in groups would be wise.

Wherever you choose to hang your hat, networking doesn’t have to be a scary unknown. If nothing else, I hope this provides you a sense of calm when it comes to networking. That it doesn’t have to be scary and in fact, is truly just marrying friendship and opportunity. 

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