Soundfly Mentor Jamie Billings to Lead Production Workshop for Women

Jamie Billings

On March 27th, 2021, our friends over at TuneCore are giving female artists the opportunity to attend an exclusive production workshop, and learn all kinds of things having to do with DIY recording, beat making, producing, editing, and mixing music. The workshop is being co-sponsored by FL Studio and yours truly, Soundfly.

The workshop is, of course, digital, and TuneCore will be selecting 100 participants by application. To all participants, FL Studio is giving away Signature edition license keys to the DAW software to use in their music making. It’s a pretty exciting deal!

Learn more about the Women’s Production Workshop and apply here.

But the best part about this already exciting workshop is that our very own Soundfly Mentor, Jamie Billings, will be one the instructors running it!

After you’ve had some time to get familiar with FL Studio as a DAW, (plus other tons of helpful tips on setting up mics, working with interfaces and other gear), instructor Jamie Billings will walk attendees through all the elements of a composition. You’ll get a first-hand look at all the elements that go into a completed song on FL Studio. With real-time opportunities to engage and ask questions, this is better than any traditional pre-recorded tutorial you’ll find online!

Jamie graduated from Berklee’s Electronic Production and Design program, and has worked at the MIT Game Lab, as well as the music-oriented video game company Harmonix. Listen to Jamie’s 2020 album, Sugar, under her Unicorn Princess moniker here.

Beyond video game sound design and synthesis, Jamie’s also an expert in hip-hop beat making, music production across multiple DAWs, software, and hardware, and mixing. If you’d like to work with Jamie to level up your electronic production and songwriting skills, simply fill out a quick mentor request form here.

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