Level Up Your Production Skills in Ableton Live With These 5 Mentors

Ableton Live 11

Ableton Live 11

Make Better Music in Ableton Live with our Expert Ableton Mentor Team

Are you an Ableton Live user or interested in becoming one? Our team of experts is ready to work with you to reach the next level of your music, no matter where you’re at. From electro-pop to EDM to hip-hop, to mixing and mastering, we’ve got a pro to match your needs.

Check out the mentors below or tell us what you’re working on, and we’ll get you set up with a custom mentorship session designed specifically around your goals and needs.

Click on one of the mentors below who suits your needs, or fill out a request here and we’ll work with you to find the best option!

Leon Kelly is a recording and mixing engineer based in Brooklyn, New York, who works in Ableton Live and ProTools. For over a decade, he’s been working with some of the industry’s biggest artists: Run the Jewels, Danny Brown, Kilo Kish, Action Bronson, Kaytranada, Twin Shadow, Tink, Flatbush Zombies, Zach de la Rocha, and How to Dress Well.

Listen to Leon’s work with Run The Jewels here and with Action Bronson here.

Work with Leon on hip-hop vocal recording, production, and mixing, making beats and sampling drums with an MPC or digitally, mix finalizing, and more.

Request a session with Leon here.

Sam Friedman is a producer, composer, and sound designer based in Brooklyn, New York, releasing music under the names Nerve Leak and Past Palms. Sam’s work has been featured on popular Spotify playlists and praised by major publications like The Fader, Bullett Magazine, XLR8R, Earmilk, and NEST HQ. He has worked extensively with various music licensing and sync houses, composing and remixing for the likes of Taco Bell and several other national brands and labels.

Listen to Past Palms here.

Work with Sam on sampling, EDM, trap, & hip-hop beat making, live electronics, using instruments with Ableton Live, sync writing and production, and more.

Request a session with Sam here.

Marcela Rada is a sound and audio engineer based in Ottawa, Canada with over 9 years of experience recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio for symphony orchestras, film scores, and across a variety of genres. Her specialty is in immersive, 360° audio for virtual reality and social media platforms. She is currently an instructor in the Digital Audio Arts program at the Univeristy of Lethbridge.

Listen to Marcela’s work here.

Work with Marcela on mixing and audio production in Ableton Live, ProTools or Logic, producing immersive, spatial, and 360° audio, navigating complex productions, and more.

Request a session with Marcela here.

Brandon Miranda is a Lost Angeles, California based producer, beat maker, and engineer. If you don’t consider remixing a fine art form like that of painting or sculpture, you haven’t heard Brandon’s project, ALX B. With experience in all aspects of music-making and audio production including mixing, mastering, producing, songwriting, and music theory, Brandon’s strong suit is flipping a remix into something truly exciting. He trained under songwriter Lovy Longomba, was an assistant engineer for OWSLA, and has credits on Warner and Konvict Muzik.

Listen to ALX B here.

Work with Brandon on hip-hop and EDM beat making and arranging, remixing, sampling, mixing and mastering your own work as well as clients’ work, and more. 

Request a session with Brandon here.

Andrea De Carlo is an award-winning engineer, producer, and electronic musician based in Turin, Italy. He’s worked at some of the world’s best studios in London, Milan, and beyond, and has an MA in audio production from the SAE Institute. Andrea works natively in Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Garageband. In 2017, he was awarded the Carlo U. Rossi scholarship for excellence in engineering.

Check out some of Lab10’s work here.

Work with Andrea on finalizing mixes and pre-masters of your track, adapting to clients’ needs, synths, production, sound design, workflow, and more. 

Request a session with Andrea here.

If none of these topics fit your goals… Tell us about yourself so we can match you up with another Soundfly Mentor to start learning today. With Soundfly, musicians of all types can learn at their own pace using our in-depth online courses. But for those in need of something more personalized and customized to one’s exact goals, we also offer 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with a professional lasting four weeks.

Or, You Can Take Our Online Course!

If you’re new to Ableton Live and want to learn how to use the software and tons of new features, check out Soundfly’s acclaimed online course Intro to Music Production in Ableton Live. Led by Ableton Certified Trainer and music technologist Claire Marie Lim, you’ll learn to work with software instruments, record and process audio and MIDI, tackle mixing basics, and get your feet wet with Live’s vast performance capabilities.

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