Announcing the Winners of the Summer of Synthwave Com Truise Remix Contest!

We had a pretty good idea of what to expect when creating our course with the inimitable producer Com Truise. We’d uncover his favorite synths, drum machines and samples, unearth his secretive tips and tricks for retro-futuristic production, and dig deep into some of his biggest tracks.

What we didn’t expect was that he’d cook up an entirely new track from scratch, one that showcases his unique creative process every step of the way. The result was a brand new, never-before-heard gem called “Dynetics.” The full song is only available to hear inside the course, but here’s a quick teaser.

But as special as it is to watch Com Truise build this song from the ground up in his course, hearing all the new music it helped inspire has been a totally surreal experience.

So in July 2022, we launched the Summer of Synthwave Com Truise Remix Contest, encouraging Soundfly users to create their own take on “Dynetics” using the stems provided by Com Truise himself. Soundfly community members from all over the globe whipped up their own remixes for a chance to win some amazing prizes put up by Arturia, Kilohearts, Samples From Mars, and D16.

Without further ado… (drum roll, please…) the winners are:

Grand Prize Winner

Mono Memory – “Dynetics (Mono Memory Remix)”

Runners Up

Allie Alvarado – “Dynetics (Allie Alvarado Remix 2)”

Josh Hanselman – “Dynetics (Remix 1)”


But because we received so many submissions deserving of recognition, we just couldn’t leave it at that! As one participant put it: “bangers are made here.”

The Soundfly community is filled with artists honing their creative voice, and this contest provided such an incredible snapshot of the inspiring music that gets shared with us all the time, so we’d now like to present the Summer of Synthwave Honorable Mention Superlatives!

“Most Glitched Out”

Tom McNulty – “Dynetics (Glitched Out Remix)”

“Most Dystopian ’80s Thriller Music”

Alexander Stephens – “Escape from Dynetics Corp.”

“Lushest Synth Sounds”

Austin Kincaid – “Dynetics RUBYIBIS Remix”

“Most Atmospheric”

Calvin Keller – “Dynetics Remix”

“Best Breakdown”

Cartridge1987 – “Dynetics (Cartridge1987 Remix)”

“Most Tron-Esque”

Denaylon – “Com Truise Dynetics Summer Remix”

“Most Likely to Become Liquid Sludge and Goop Out of a 1980’s Radio”

Dennis Bjørn Hansen – “Dynetics Photism Remix”

“Most Creative Sample Chop”

Evan Franklin (WNUAYYY.95) – “Lunar Infrastructure”

“Most “Get Hyped” Remix”

Gerardo Guajardo – “Midnightout Remix (1)”

“Best Reharmonization”

Grant Kuhlwein – “Dynetics Remix”

“Most Likely to Highjack a Spaceship and Hold an Alien Hostage at Lazer-Point”

Greg Cerveny – “Com Truise Dynetics Remix”

“Best Score for a Deadly Game of Jai Alai”

Jared Packer – “Dynetics Slick Biscuits Remix”

“Most Swagged Out Groove”

John Escue – “Dynetics Remix JMXD”

“Best Balance of Depth and Pocket”

John Urbank – “Dynetics Friendrobot Remix”

“Most Likely to Be Heard Inside a Club Under a Bridge in South London (That You Definitely Can’t Get Into)”

Juan Pablo Mestre – “Dynetics (Kenshiboi Synthetic Storm) Remix”

“Most Tecmo-Bowl”

Lewis Maddison – “Dynetics Talk Over Remix 2”

“Most Meditative”

Panamint Manse – “Dynetics Remix”

“Most Unexpectedly Joyful Chord Progression”

Mateusz Zegan – “Dynetics (Zegi Remix)”

“Prettiest Loop Cycles”

Michael H. – “Dyentics Remix”

“Most Poetically Evocative Title”

Penny_Lane – “The Stubborn Courage of the Un Exampled”

“Most Blade Runner-Esque Sound Design”

Fectoper “Dynetics Remix”

“Most Likely to Be Lost Under a Rug Only to Realize There’s an Entire Universe Under There!”

Ritwik Deshpande – “Dynetics (Entropic Remix)”

“Most Likely to Still Be in the Original Packaging from 1984 and Sold on eBay for 30x Its Value”

ZxMcclarry “Dynetics Krostau Rmx”

“Most Delightful Drama”

Jeffrey Kearney – “Dynetics (Low Theory Remix)”

“Best Flip of the Original Melody”

Forrest Messerman (Bustello) “Dynetics Prism Ship Remix”

Don’t stop here!

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