Take the Winter Sound Challenge!

polar bear

It’s not easy to say goodbye to winter. While the joy of spring’s arrival does tend to make us antsy to hop into our shorts and t-shirts, there’s always that lingering feeling of longing for just one more day out in the snow, one more run on the slopes, and one more snowball fight…

Well, winter doesn’t have to go quietly this year. Make this season last even longer by immortalizing its soundscape in a song! We challenge you to make one beat or track using at least one sound sample from the following wintry scenes, and there’s a reward in it for you if you do!

Respond to the challenge and you’ll get 50% off any of our Mainstage courses! Just email us, leave a comment, or post to social media with the hashtag  #wintersoundchallenge and tag us @learntosoundfly. Good luck!

Now onto the sound bytes! Use any, or as many, of the following sound samples as you like to make your track.

1. Ice drop in a borehole

If you haven’t been on the internet in a couple weeks, you may have missed this exquisite natural wonder that went viral — the zippy sound that ice makes when it reaches the bottom of an arctic borehole. Wait for it….

Download this sound: 1. Dropping ice down an arctic borehole

2. Ice cracking under skates

The sounds that are produced by a thin layer of ice frozen over a flowing river are akin to a bouncing spring, or the twang of power lines shaking in the wind. What a beautiful naturally produced soundscape, amplified and harnessed when a skater is able to make the ice move ever so slightly!

Download this sound: 2. Ice cracking under skates

3. Snow owl

Snow owls make a pretty wide range of sounds for a bird — they sing for pleasure, they call our when they’re agitated, or in need of their “parliament” or group for protection. Here are a few sounds of the snow owl.

Download this sound: 3. Snow owl call

4. Weddell seals

If it sounds like this is actually a synthesizer making those eery pitch-shifting calls, you’re not alone in thinking that. They make one of the largest ranges of sound in the wild world, so we decided to offer two clips, the above clip is above the water, and the below clip is, well, you can figure it out.

Download these sounds:  4. Weddell seals sounding above water

4. Weddell seals sounding below water

5. The giddy sounds of a man having so much fun.

This Swiss alpine coaster will take your breath away

Toboggan through the Swiss wilderness! 😍🇨🇭

Posted by Culture Trip on Thursday, October 5, 2017

This Swiss alpine toboggan coaster runs all year round. Here’s a video made by one very happy rider who just couldn’t keep his excitement inside — listen to his giddy wees and woos as he coasts down the mountain, enjoying himself just the right amount!

Download this sound: 5. Toboggan ride through the Swiss Alps

What might you come up with? Let us know! 

Share your work with us via email or on social media with the hashtag #wintersoundchallenge (and by tagging us @learntosoundfly) for 50% off your next course! Explore our Mainstage course offerings here and preview any of them for free today!

Want more challenges just like this? Check out our Quick Tracks series of monthly musical challenges!

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