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Watch Sırma Break Down the Production on Her New Single “24 Hours”

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Soundfly Mentor, course instructor, and international producer and songwriter Sırma just released her new single, “24 Hours” a couple weeks ago and it’s already making our heads spin with crystalline electronic pop joy!

And since this new track exemplifies so much of what makes Sırma so uniquely talented at DIY home production, we asked her to break down how she processes her various layers of vocals to get that radio-ready sound; despite having produced everything at home. Of course she obliged, she teaches all of this in her Soundfly course, Modern Pop Vocal Production as well as helps mentor students all year round to improve in the same areas with their own tracks.

Watch the video below to see Sırma break down her brand new single, and see which Logic Pro plugins she employs and when, and how!

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Stay tuned for more inside look videos from Soundfly HQ.

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