Work With Any of These 5 Logic Pro Experts to Improve Your Production

man working in Logic

man working in Logic

Producer Better-Sounding Music in Logic Pro with our Expert Mentor Team

Logic Pro is easily one of the most versatile and affordable digital audio workstations for making and recording music available on the market. It’s used by pro-level producers, songwriters, engineers, and composers of all types to achieve the sound they want.

And getting a leg up on learning how to produce in Logic Pro — whether in general or specifically for your niche musical signature — is one of the best ways to invest in your artistic and career growth in 2022.

If you’ve got a project you need help with, our team of expert Soundfly mentors below is ready to jump right in! Check out the mentors below or tell us what you’re working on, and we’ll get you set up with a custom mentorship session (lasting 4 or 6 weeks) designed specifically around your goals.

Tim Maryon mentor photo

Tim Maryon is an award-winning composer for TV and film, embracing a wide range of mediums in his compositions, from electronics to full orchestras. Tim is classically trained from Trinity College Of Music and Dance and receiving his MA in film scoring at The Royal College Of Music, where he was also granted the Ian Lombe Award. His clients include: BBC, Guinness, Victoria Beckham, Phillips, the BFI, and Amazon Prime.

Check out Tim’s licensing and scoring client list here.

Work with Tim on understanding and using music theory, writing for film/TV sync projects, composing, orchestrating, or arranging in Logic Pro, and more.

Request a session with Tim here.

Joey Lefitz mentor photo

Joey Lefitz is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and beat maker based in Los Angeles who produces under the moniker j lef. With degrees from Berklee College of Music and the Global Jazz Institute, he’s worked as a drummer and accompanist at The New School and Martha Graham School of Dance, and contributed cues for shows on NBC, Netflix, and more.

Listen to Joey’s work as j lef here.

Work with Joey on creating jazzy hip-hop beats, elevating home recordings through mixing, live and session drumming, theory for electronic producers, and more.

Request a session with Joey here.

Marcela Rada is a sound and audio engineer based in Ottawa, Canada with over 9 years of experience recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio for symphony orchestras, film scores, and across a variety of genres. Her specialty is in immersive, 360° audio for virtual reality and social media platforms. She is currently an instructor in the Digital Audio Arts program at the Univeristy of Lethbridge.

Listen to Marcela’s work here.

Work with Marcela on mixing and audio production in Ableton Live, ProTools or Logic, producing immersive, spatial, and 360° audio, navigating complex productions, and more.

Request a session with Marcela here.

Ian Prince mentor photo

Ian Prince won a Grammy as a writer, arranger, and keyboardist on Quincy Jones’ acclaimed Back On The Block. Since then, the Vancouver-based pro songwriter has racked up more hits with EMI including a Billboard Pop #1 single, and songs for Jermaine Jackson and Earth, Wind and Fire, and more.

Listen to some of Ian’s pro songwriting work here.

Work with Ian on pro-songwriting techniques and advice, recording radio-ready pop vocals, lyrical storytelling, making use of song forms and structures, and more. 

Request a session with Ian here.

Lavender Looi mentor photo

Lavender Looi has worked as a songwriter, scoring composer, and recording engineer for renowned music studios. She studied at both Berklee College of Music campuses, completing degrees in Contemporary Writing and Production and Scoring for Film, TV, and Video Games. Her original songs and vocal contributions have since been used in ad spots for major brands including KFC, Grab, Gojek, and Pizza Hut.

Check out some of Lavender’s TV/ad music here.

Work with Lavender on sync/licensing songwriting and production, getting clients, songwriting and producing in Logic Pro, pro-level vocal production, and more. 

Request a session with Lavender here.

If none of these topics fit your goals… Tell us about yourself so we can match you up with another Soundfly Mentor to start learning today. With Soundfly, musicians of all types can learn at their own pace using our in-depth online courses. But for those in need of something more personalized and customized to one’s exact goals, we also offer 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with a professional lasting four weeks.

Or, You Can Take Our Online Course!

If you’re new to Logic and learning to use all the software’s features, check out Soundfly’s online course Intro to Making Music in Logic Pro X. Learn to work with software instruments, record and process audio and MIDI, tackle the basics of mixing, and get your feet wet with one of the most affordable and versatile DAWs out there.

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