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Get Access to All These Partner Deals When You Join Soundfly’s Subscription

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In case you’re new to Soundfly, you may have missed that we now offer unlimited access to all of our online music courses with a convenient, super affordable monthly subscription.

Besides being able to take all of Soundfly’s courses in full, or just use them for reference when you need a refresher on concepts like parallel compression or modal interchange for example, there’s a ton of reasons you might want to become a Soundfly subscriber. You get 25% off custom mentorship sessions, and an invitation to join our private daily active community of musicians, producers, songwriters, lyricists, engineers, and educators on Slack.

Plus, at only $39 per month or $234 per year (six free months), the subscription literally saves you hundreds of dollars if you’re considering taking more than a couple of Soundfly’s acclaimed music courses.

But… there’s another perk of the Soundfly subscription that doesn’t nearly get talked about as much as we think it should; and that’s our collection of fantastic discounts our partnering brands have contributed, to which subscribers get exclusive access.

As these discount perks are private, we can’t talk about exactly what those perks are, but here’s a list of amazing brands we’re working with:


To get access to these deals, as well as all of Soundfly’s online music courses, just sign up for the subscription and follow the link to join our Slack channel, where you’ll find info on everything we’ve got to offer.

Go ahead and give Soundfly’s subscription plan a shot and see if either our courses, our mentors, our community, or our support staff, can help you with what you’re looking to improve on musically… We’re pretty sure they’ll be able to. 

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