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  • How to Use a Jazz Turnaround in Your Pop or Folk Song

    How to Use a Jazz Turnaround in Your Pop or Folk Song

    Borrowing a nifty couple of chord changes from the jazz world can really elevate your songwriting, no matter the genre or style.

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  • What Are Chord Pizzas?

    What Are Chord Pizzas?

    + Welcome to Soundfly! We help curious musicians meet their goals with creative online courses. Whatever you want to learn, whenever you need to learn it. Subscribe now to start learning on the ’Fly. This article originally appeared on Ethan Hein’s blog. The Groove Pizza uses geometry to help visualize rhythms. The NYU MusEDLab (who we partnered with to create our free Theory…

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  • Uncovering the Jazz Influence in Pop, Rock, and Hip-Hop Classics

    + Bridge the worlds of theory, improvisation, and jazzy hip-hop, and improve your piano chops with Grammy-winner Kiefer in his course, Kiefer: Keys, Chords, & Beats. Jazz music is daunting to wrap one’s ears around. It is safe to say most Americans have a complicated relationship with one of our oldest art forms. Jazz is chronically…

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