Learn to Play Adele’s “Hello” on Piano in Two Minutes

Have you been loving Adele‘s new single “Hello” as much as we have? It’s her first new song in 4 years and she came back swinging with a video directed by Xavier Dolan and staring 90210 and The Wire‘s Tristan Wilds (why can’t anything good ever happen to Michael?! First he falls in with Chris and Snoop and now he’s being wronged by Adele… Why Adele, why?!).

Well, this weekend we sat down to figure out how to cover “Hello” and put together a quick tutorial to help you play it on your own piano or keyboard at home. Use this animation to figure out the key elements of the song, and then check out our course “The Improviser’s Toolkit” to learn how to make it your own! Once you’ve mastered “Hello,” check out how to play “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” on guitar.

Adele’s “Hello” on Piano

Want more video song tutorials or help with the basics of piano? Start with the fundamentals in our course “Building Blocks of Piano”.

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