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Com Truise on Soundfly

Seth Haley (aka, Com Truise) is the maker of an experimental, bottom-heavy-style he calls “mid-fi synthwave slow-motion funk.” He arrived on the scene with the Cyanide Sisters EP (2010), released for free on AMDISCS and then re-released by famed electronic label Ghostly International. But 2011 saw the release of his first full-length Galactic Melt, introducing the world to the narrative of Com Truise — the astral adventures of an android astronaut traveling the cosmos to make contact with distant civilizations — and culminating in Iteration (2017). Now, over a decade later, Com Truise is still known for his synthwave-influenced immersive soundtracks — film scores for movies that only exist in his mind. Influenced by retro production techniques, his parents' record collections, and his love of technology and gear, his sound builds on a sense of nostalgia but always catapults it forward into the future. Com Truise's online course, Com Truise: Mid-Fi Synthwave Slow-Motion Funk, is available now exclusively on Soundfly.