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Com Truise: The Crumar Bit One in “Ultrafiche of You” (Video)

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Seth Haley tends to love specific sounds and equipment.

The Crumar Bit One is a perfect example. It’s a polyphonic analog synth with digital control oscillators, with the most recent version released in 1984. Seth refers to it as the “Italian Juno 106” because it’s got some similarities to that synthesis mainstay.

The Com Truise track “Ultrafiche of You” was inspired by this sound. Listen to the main synth chords and bass:

There are also some counter-melodies made with this synth.

And there are some chopped up and reversed samples made with the synth as well that Seth used to add extra interest to the track. We’ll take a closer look at how to do this on the next lesson.

One Sound to Rule Them All

Coming from a design agency background, one of the things Seth loves to do to facilitate his creativity is make himself “design briefs” — or a set of constraints to help guide his work. “Ultrafiche of You” is a great example.

Although he didn’t actually write it down, in essence Com Truise made this song as a response to an imagined design brief: How can you compose a song built on the creative possibilities within one specific sound source you love?

Seth responded by using the Crumar for almost every part of this song, adding effects, tweaking the patch, and even chopping and reversing the sounds to get as much variation as he could from it. It’s a deep exploration and meditation on a single instrument and sound source.

Get the most out of a single sound source.

Find a single sound source that inspires you and make as many different sounds as possible from it. Don’t worry about composing just yet — just see what sort of creative possibilities you can generate from the sound source. Can you make a percussive sound? What happens if you add tons of effects? What about detuning it? Have fun with it!

If you find some sounds that inspire you, feel free to start composing something, but don’t let the writing part get in the way of the exploratory play!

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Seth Haley (aka, Com Truise) is the maker of an experimental, bottom-heavy-style he calls “mid-fi synthwave slow-motion funk.” He arrived on the scene with the Cyanide Sisters EP (2010), released for free on AMDISCS and then re-released by famed electronic label Ghostly International. But 2011 saw the release of his first full-length Galactic Melt, introducing the world to the narrative of Com Truise — the astral adventures of an android astronaut traveling the cosmos to make contact with distant civilizations — and culminating in Iteration (2017). Now, over a decade later, Com Truise is still known for his synthwave-influenced immersive soundtracks — film scores for movies that only exist in his mind. Influenced by retro production techniques, his parents' record collections, and his love of technology and gear, his sound builds on a sense of nostalgia but always catapults it forward into the future. Com Truise's online course, Com Truise: Mid-Fi Synthwave Slow-Motion Funk, is available now exclusively on Soundfly.