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The Top 15 Most Read Flypaper Articles From 2021

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Now that we’re coming to the end of another packed year, we wanted to look back and share our list of the Top 15 Most Read Flypaper Articles from 2021. Enjoy! And don’t forget to sign up for Soundfly’s weekly newsletter to get the latest news about all of our course launches, video premiers, live workshops, partner perks, and of course, the editorial content.

15. What Is the “NYC Drum Trick”?

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By Aaron Trumm

Here’s a well-known trick for fattening up your drums, courtesy of legendary engineer and author Bobby Owsinski. Read the article here.

14. Our 7 Favorite Songwriting Blogs for Dashes of Inspiration

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By Dan Reifsnyder

Whether you’re in need of a dash of inspiration or just some new methods to try out, we compiled our top songwriting blogs to help you out! Read the article here.

13. How and Why to Create a “Radio Edit” Version of Your Single

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By Erik Veach

Shortening, cleaning up, trimming off the intro and outro of your song; your new single might need some adjusting for top radio play. Read the article here.

12. 3 Ways to Tell if Your Track Is Finished

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By Brandon Miranda

If you’re having trouble getting past your perfectionism, here are some tools to employ so that you finish better sounding tracks, quicker. Read the article here.

11. 3 Ways to Grip Your Listeners With Opening Lines

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By Dre DiMura

In today’s music landscape, attention spans are at an all-time low. Grab your listener’s attention right away with lyrical immediacy. Read the article here.

10. 8 Ways Musicians Can Make More Money in 2021

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By Janette Berrios

Between streaming royalties, sync placements and even “micro-sync” offers, there’s lot of money on the table for artists this year… Read the article here.

9. How The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” Takes Beethoven’s Ideas to #1

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By Ben Morss

In this analysis, pop music theorist Ben Morss shows how The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” is built from four-note scale segments. Read the article here.

8. The 8 Best Audio Production Blogs for Aspiring Producers

top 15 articles

By Dre DiMura

Here’s our list of our favorite audio production blogs for 2021, for aspiring producers looking to level up their game. Read the article here.

7. The Definitive Guide to Deciding Where to Submit Your Music

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By Aaron Trumm

If you’re submitting music to licensing opportunities, labels, press, venues, etc., this guide can help you decide what’s worth the effort! Read the article here.

6. 5 Music Industry “Rules” I Broke (and You Should Too)

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By Bree Noble

Here are five poisonous rules you’re bound to hear at some point in your music career that are made to be broken… Have fun with them! Read the article here.

5. Best Effects Pedals for Synths and Keyboards

top 15 articles

By Chris Senner

A rundown of a few of the best effects pedals I like to use with my keyboards and synths, and why pedals can be fun to play around with. Read the article here.

4. The Hidden Grammar of Music

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By Dale McGowan

What a music theory book at age 13 taught me about how to look at chords, chord progressions and the emotions they’re capable of manifesting. Read the article here.

3. 6 Bad Habits in Songwriting and How to Break Them

top 15 articles

By Alper Tuzcu

Here are some of the worst bad habits I see songwriters falling into all the time, and my thoughts about how to break those habits! Read the article here.

2. 9 Bedroom Pop Artists We Can’t Stop Listening to Right Now

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By Sammy Hakim

With the entire world confined to our homes these days, we’re featuring our 9 favorite bedroom pop artists hitting the internet in 2020. Read the article here.

1. 7 Songwriting Rules and When to Break Them

top 15 articles


There are many unwritten rules songwriters tend to treat as the Gospel, but when the innovative break them, incredible things happen. Read the article here.

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