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The Top 5 Flypaper Articles From July 2021

If you’re new here, Flypaper is Soundfly’s daily blog for music learning, motivation, and inspiration, with articles, interviews, and lessons on all kinds of topics from music production to mixing, composing, songwriting, music business and history, and everything in between.

If you’re a regular here, well you already know all that; and we probably owe you a heartfelt “Thank You” for stopping in to read a post every now and then.

Either way, it’s hard to keep up with everything being published on the internet from day-to-day, so here’s a quick feature of the Top 5 most read new blog posts this past month right here on Flypaper. As always on our website, you should encounter a little bit of just about everything. Enjoy!

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5. Shelf EQ vs. Bell EQ: When and How to Use Them Both

By Alex Wilson

Understanding the differences between these two types of Equalization can help you sculpt your mixes like a radio-ready professional. Read the article here.

4. The Lyrical Genius of Chuck Berry

By Casey McCann

In this Guest OpEd, we explore the plethora of ways Chuck Berry tackled race and societal issues with humor and relatability in his lyrics. Read the article here.

3. A Guide to Getting Music Production Clients

By Notetracks Team

We asked our friends at Notetracks to provide a handy beginner’s guide to getting new clients for music work if you’re just starting out. Read the article here.

2. What Backstreet Boys Can Teach Us About Lyric Writing Fundamentals

By Mahea Lee

In this lesson, courtesy of Soundfly’s The Music of Boy Bands course, we uncover the fundamental lyric techniques that make this hit song tick. Read the article here.

1. 3 Ways to Grip Your Listeners With Opening Lines

By Dre Dimura

In today’s music landscape, attention spans are at an all-time low. Grab your listener’s attention right away with lyrical immediacy; here’s how. Read the article here.

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Jeremy Young

Jeremy is a Montreal-based musician, sound artist and improviser who loves giving advice to emerging artists on how to make their tours more effective. He writes, records and performs electroacoustic "concrète" music for tape, oscillators and amplified objects and surfaces, as well as solo guitar. He has performed and released material throughout Europe and the UK, Asia, the US and Canada, mostly with his trio Sontag Shogun.