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Off Notes: Golden Oldies

Happy Friday!

This week turned out to be a nostalgic one here at Soundfly HQ — so many of my submissions came from the archives! We spent the beginning of the week exploring the history of Abbey Road, found out mid-week about the Full House reunionand just yesterday stumbled across the Cher, Elton John, and Bette Midler stunner posted below. We also have some contemporary goodies including hip-hop infographics and cats singing Taylor Swift, so read on, for the best of the 70s, 80s, and today!

The best of the musical internet this week

  • This is the COOLEST. Google Maps created an immersive, interactive tour through Abbey Road Studios, allowing you to explore the history of the artists who recorded there — from the Beatles, to Kanye, to Sigur Ros, and Ella Fitzgerald. You can play with the gear, try your hand at mixing a track, listen to a sound tour, watch exclusive footage, and so much more. It’s endless. [Google]
  • Let’s turn back the clock with a TV special I can only assume was crafted by Bob Mackie whilst in the throws of a drug-fueled tubercular fever dream:
  • The New Yorker put together an in-depth investigation on the man they call “the Patient Zero of internet piracy.” It’s a long one, but it reads like a hollywood thriller, and it manages to explain how the music industry arrived at the state it’s in today, all through the actions of a single person. [The New Yorker]
  • Sample-stitch is so much fun. Create songs using the beats and funk samples producers used on Kanye West’s “Otis”, J Dilla’s “Don’t Cry”, and more. [Sample-stitch]
  • Then check out this infographic by the same guy, breaking down rappers by geography and vocabulary size. The South ain’t looking real good… [MF Daniels]
  • Did you know Phillip Glass composed music for Sesame Street in the ’70s? Because I did not, and it’s a trip:

Miles Davis, CBS Memorandum

every nun needs a synthi

  • Now we’re getting into the good stuff. If this is not the very picture of virtuosity, I don’t know what is:
  • Obviously, puppets can display musical mastery, too:
  • And so can cats (please believe me when I tell you I’m so sorry about this one, even compared to the previous two, it’s deeply stupid):

I’ll close out today by digging back into the archives with this video. One time, at a James Brown concert, both Michael Jackson and Prince were in the audience. Brown notices MJ right away and calls him up to do a song. Then, at 2:05, Brown spots Prince, who is carried onto stage, does an insane guitar solo, strips, and dances with the mic stand. It is magic.

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