5 Crowdfunding Journeys We’d Love You to Support Right Now

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If you’re looking to support the next great cause, there’s no shortage of places to donate your time and money. Whether you’re looking to help a friend or family member reach their goals — releasing an album, touring the world, or finally finish building out that home studio — or whether you’re more interested in contributing to community-building projects in the music industry, crowdfunding is a powerful way to give and get a lot back in return.

Today we’ve chosen five crowdfunding campaigns open to the general public that have won us over with their story, their unique edge, or their understated brilliance. Which one will you support?

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Where Will All the Penguins Go?: A Children’s Musical on Climate Change

Deadline: July 3rd

This full-length musical titled, Where Will All the Penguins Go? will premiere at this year’s Sydney Fringe Festival. “Performed by and created for children (and adults),” according to their description, the work draws attention to climate change by following two brothers grappling with an environmentally disastrous future. This project campaign, by composer Adil Jain, seeks the funds to mount a successful debut performance, but they’re already thinking ahead! They want to create a working version of the script in 50 languages that can be performed in schools everywhere, by anyone, for free — an open-source, theater climate sustainability movement!

Check out more on Adil Jain’s campaign. 

Saving the Black Forge Coffee House

Deadline: July 17th

Want to have a hand in saving one of Pittsburgh’s coolest alternative coffee shops? Then Black Forge Coffee House is your cause. Since 2015, they’ve hosted over 900 events, like edgy shows for both local and internationally touring musicians, as well as community forums, drag and burlesque shows, variety shows, art exhibits, and pop-up shops supporting local makers. But now, their live space is in danger of being shut down. To avoid the complaints that their space is causing too much noise (because it’s a live music venue, of course it’s gonna get loud!) they want to open a second location, and are seeking a little bit of help to make that happen. Their only enemy is time, and you can help them beat that struggle.

Check out more on Black Forge’s campaign. 

Carriage: A Traveling Musical Stage

Deadline: June 30th

Check this out. This project, by singer-songwriter Tal Katsir, seeks to build a traveling stage meant to bring music anywhere and everywhere, from the middle of nowhere, to the hustle and bustle of the city. According to the project’s campaign page: “Equipped with amplification and lights, and decorated in a medieval style, ‘The Carriage’ is a transformed pickup truck with its open cargo functioning as a stage.” Katsir hopes the mobility of the stage will allow her to bring her music across the country, building new friendships, enhancing communities, eventually being able to offer employment to singing actors, and leaving the world behind them a little bit brighter in the process.

Check out more on Tal Katsir’s campaign. 

Dragon Gate Openair Stage

Deadline: July 22nd

This is a strange, fascinating project. Located in the Nordic forests of Gävle in Sweden, Dragon Gate was meant to be a hotel, museum, and zoo, all in one. The only problem is that this beautiful, surreal structure has been empty, laying dormant, and collecting snow (Swedish for “dust”) for years. So, what do you do with a giant empty space in the middle of nowhere that’s right off a main motorway and surrounded by dense forest? Create an open air concert venue, of course! At least that’s what Stockholm-based rave organizer, Aaron Eklöf aims to do.

Check out more on Aaron’s campaign. 


Launching soon.

Festiie is the festival smartband you didn’t know you needed. Using RF technology, Festiie helps you keep track of your friends at all times (even when their phones are in airplane mode) so you never lose them at a festival again. They haven’t launched just yet, but they’re offering a special “Bestiies” deal of 2 Festiies for $139. So if you think this sounds awesome, back them early and hopefully by the next time you’re on line for $15 beers at a music festival and considering running off into the woods forever, your friends will be able to find you.

Check out more on Festiie’s campaign.

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