Faders Up II: Meet Our Pro Instructors

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We’re really lucky to have four awesome mixing engineers helping us teach our newest mixing course, Faders Up II: Advanced Mix Techniques. Each week, one of these experts is going to take a new mix and break it down to its core components to better understand mixing a specific genre. By the end of the course, you’ll be challenged to tackle a new mix of your own, entirely from scratch, using what you’ve learned, as your Final Project.

The goal is not necessarily to achieve a perfect mix, but to explore the new techniques and skills associated with each genre, to develop the habits and practice that will eventually make you the strongest mixer and producer you can be. Now let’s meet the instructors. Here’s how the course is laid out.

Week 1: Getting Your Bearings

The first week of the course, you’ll meet me, your host, Nyle Emerson. I’m part of the Soundfly Team, and we’ll be taking this journey together. I’ll be talking to the experts below and expanding upon the tips they give us to help make things even clearer. In the first week, we’ll do a quick review, give you a chance to meet your classmates and your Soundfly Mentor, introduce yourself, and perhaps share some work that illustrates the genres and styles with which you’re most confident. You will also prep your first session in advance of week 2.

Week 2: Rock with Kenta Yonesaka

Kenta is originally from Sapporo, Japan. After graduating NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in 2010, he worked at Germano Studios starting as an assistant engineer on projects for Lady Gaga and Kanye West. In 2015, Kenta was nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year for Pharrell Williams’ GIRL.

“I pride myself in being a fan of, and working with, all genres of music, cross-pollinating musicalities and technicalities to keep the music fresh. I never know where the next inspiration will come from!”

Kenta will show us some crucial rock mixing standards and tricks to make your mixes melt faces using the song “My Chains” by Unlocking the Truth. Your challenge will be to mix a rock tune.

Week 3: Hip-Hop with Leon Kelly

Leon is a recording and mix engineer based in Brooklyn, NY. He’s known for working with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Run the Jewels, Action Bronson, Kaytranada, Flatbush Zombies, and Danny Brown.

Leon began his journey interning at Stadium Red, a studio home to legendary hip-hop producer Just Blaze, before moving on to Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Williamsburg. There he worked with engineer Aaron Bastinelli, honing his craft and working with local Brooklyn-based bands in the pro-bono studio.

In week 3, Leon will work through a hip-hop track by your very own host, Nyle, called “Bubblegum.” Then we’ll challenge you to make your own hip-hop mix.

Week 4: Pop Mixes with Tim Leitner

Tim worked at the famed Hit Factory Studios with some of the greatest pop artists of all time — artists he’d grown up listening to, such as Carly Simon, Foreigner, and Billy Joel, and legendary producers and mixers he’d always admired. As Tim gained exposure to artists in lots of different genres, he came to realize that the thing he wanted to hear and to convey to his listeners was how the music made him feel, not simply the purity of its sound. Whether it’s a pop, jazz, or a metal track, the recording needs to convey the underlying emotion of the composition. Tim’s mission has always been to uncover the heart of every song, and to help artists discover ways of sharing their vision while maintaining accessibility.

We’re lucky enough to watch him mix a tune by Soundfly Mentor, Liam McCormack a.k.a. yellowbirddd, called “Frogtown.” It’s not uncommon for pop songs to combine elements from hip-hop and rock, so it’ll be up to you to put several of your new skills to the test in this one to come up with a radio-ready mix.

Week 5: Orchestral Mixing with Brian Losch

Brian is a Grammy Award-winning recording engineer living in Brooklyn, NY. Production credits include work with Yo-Yo Ma, Chris Thile, Jason Moran, and many others. He also does recording and post-production work for film and television and has worked on audio for clients including ESPN Films and Discovery Channel, as well as broadcasts for the Metropolitan Opera HD, San Francisco Ballet, and the New York Philharmonic.

In week 5, he’s going to guide us through some of the issues you’ll likely encounter in mixing modern orchestral and cinematic pieces that utilize a combination of real and “in-the-box” instruments. And, you guessed it — you’ll be challenged to mix your own piece, as well.

Taking It Home

Then, you’ll have to submit a Final Project. It’s up to you to pick one of your existing mixes from the course, or start from scratch on a mix of your choice. Your objective is to make a mix that you’d be willing to share with the world here on Flypaper.

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Learn more about modern mixing production techniques (like EQ, compression, level, pan setting, digital signal processing, FX sends, and so much more) from some of today’s leading sound engineers, to get your record sounding crisp! Preview Soundfly’s newest and most in-depth mentorship-assisted online mixing courses, Faders Up I: Modern Mix Techniques and II: Advanced Mix Techniques, for free today!

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