How to Make Custom Slice to MIDI Presets in Ableton Live

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As one of the course creators here at Soundfly, I get the chance to write, test, and play around with a lot of the lessons to make sure there’s tons of good info on every page. One realization I had after finishing up our latest course on hip-hop production was that despite how powerful Ableton Live’s Slice to MIDI feature is, the presets weren’t giving me exactly what I wanted.

So I decided to make my own. In the above video you’ll see how I do that, but for a little bit of context:

Here’s what I wanted to improve…

Firstly, I wanted each pad (or key) to play the entire slice, and not require me to hold anything down. I also wanted to keep the slices from overlapping — especially when chopping up harmonically dense material.

I also wanted to do some coarse and fine tuning. Samples aren’t always perfectly in tune, and I wanted a quick way to grab and tune the entire set of slices. I also wanted a way to grab a global filter, adjust the attack, and release of all the slices at once to have a bit more control.

You can accomplish all this and more by creating your own Slice to MIDI presets, and it’s really not that tough. I hope the video helps you get a sense of how you can do this yourself and adjust the parameters so they’re just right for your own purposes. Give it a shot, and happy chopping!

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