Would You Like a Mentor with That? Introducing the Headliners Club

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Rise above the noise. Make your tracks sound more professional. Develop an original sound. Stand out from the crowd. Write an unexpected yet catchy melody. Hit those notes you never thought you could hit. Achieve the sound you’ve been going for. Publish your next big album. Publish a follow up. Build your fanbase. Make something you’re proud of.

As musicians, we’re always chasing our next big goal. But too often, we flounder on the path.

At Soundfly, we’re a bit tired of talking to gifted musicians with big, vague dreams that they’ve been chasing without success for years. We’re tired of hearing these amazingly talented bedroom producers whose music remains hidden on their computer, stored away from the world. We’re tired of listening to dynamic, compelling tracks held back by poor execution or production.

The realization we’ve had recently is that just because your artistic journey is self-directed, doesn’t mean it has to be alone.

Announcing the Headliners Club

This week, we’re announcing a new program that we’ve been developing internally with our core community of learners for the past few months. It’s called the Headliners Club, and basically it’s an opportunity for artists and curious musicians of all types and at all stages to work with an expert invested in their success. We think of it like your opportunity to work with a personal trainer, but for your music.

This program came about as a result of more and more students finishing their mentor-guided Mainstage Courses and turning to us at the end with the question:

“Can I continue working with my Mentor?”

So we created a new program that is personalized entirely toward a student’s individual goals and dreams. There’s no set curriculum. There’s no dogmatic path you’re required to take. In the Headliners Club, it’s just you, your Mentor, and your curiosity, working together to achieve the next big goal in your musical journey.

Personalized service to your needs

Signing up for a Headliners Club session starts with figuring out your goals and needs together. You’ll first consult with someone on our team, who will help outline a couple options of different Mentors and programs you could choose. Some examples include:

Voice Leading with Tim Maryon

Tim has an MA in Film Composition from the Royal College of Music, and can structure a week-by-week program for you to improve and advance the way you voice harmonies across instruments and time.

Scoring to Picture with Martin Fowler

Martin has written music for TV ads, podcasts, videos, and films, and will help you write a different piece of music for a short video each week, giving feedback and offering insights as you go.

Growing Your Fanbase with Angela Mastrogiacomo

Angela founded her own PR agency and has worked with hundreds of artists to create effective audience-building campaigns. She can work with you based on where you currently are to advance your career by implementing a more effective communications strategy.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

One month of support, prompts, and feedback

Like our mentor-guided courses, we’ve designed the Headliners Club based on a commitment to active learning and research around how people learn most effectively.

For that reason, each session lasts four weeks. Your Mentor will work with you at the outset to create a four-week Learning Plan (LP) which includes an overarching goal and a week-by-week focus. Here’s an example of what that might look like for you:

…And yes, we do get a kick out of calling it an LP, thank you very much.

Each week, your Mentor will offer you a prompt that challenges you to take some step forward, with tips and feedback on your work as you do it. If you get stuck, you can ask your Mentor or your classmates on our Soundfly Slack group. If you feel like you’re missing some key info, you can hop on Skype with your Mentor to go through it or ask them for some resources.

Just like a personal trainer, your Mentor is there to push you, support you, validate you, encourage you, and offer feedback that will help you grow. They are invested in your success.

Yeah, but does it work?

Our alpha tests have been a resounding success. One Headliner came to us wanting to score films. We worked with him to structure a four-week program writing to picture, and by the end of the program, using the works he’d created, he was able to get his first official commercial writing gig.

“This class has helped me move beyond the mystery and fear of scoring to picture and just start diving into it. Thank you” — Kirk Kienzle

Other Headliners have created and implemented new social media strategies that have grown their audiences, written new pieces of music, prepared for recording sessions, and much more. This Headliner came to us hoping to learn about vocal arranging, and by the end had produced a full vocal arrangement of a cover song:

These are just a few of the many projects already undertaken by our students. We’d love to work with you on your goals and projects!

To sign up, visit soundfly.com/headliners-club and leave us your email address. We’ll get back to you ASAP and start crafting a program specific to your goals and needs. Feel free to tell us that Flypaper sent you for 20% off the price!

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