The Top 5 Flypaper Articles From June 2022

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5. “On Chord Fragments and Nuanced Embellishments in Talking Heads’ ‘Slippery People’”

Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues cover and David Byrne playing guitar

By Ethan Hein

A quick and fun breakdown of one of David Byrne’s most slippery songs from the Talking Heads catalog, and why it works so well… Read the article here.

4. “Bach & Bitcoin”

Johann Theile's “Harmonischer Baum” ("Harmonic Tree")

By David Yearsly

A dramatic slice of musical history that touches on counterpoint wars and private dabbles in alchemy, the Bitcoin of the 17th century. Read the article here.

3. “3 Things Son Lux Does to Make Their Songs So Unique”

By Filippo Faustini

We take apart Son Lux’s incredibly unique sound, and breakdown three main tools of expression composer Ryan Lott uses to achieve it. Read the article here.

2. “The ‘Sadness Paradox’ — Why Sad Music Is So Comforting”

woman looking through records

By Charlotte Yates

Why does it seem like all the songs on the radio are about breakups? Why do sad chords sound so pleasurable? Welcome to the Sadness Paradox. Read the article here.

1. “8 Essential Tips for Creating Energy in Your Vocals (Yes, Even at Home)”

man sings into a mic in home studio

By Aaron Trumm

It’s not always easy to generate high energy vocals in your home studio, here are some surefire ways to help your voice break free! Read the article here.

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