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Now Hiring: Full-Time Course Producer with Video Filming and Editing Experience

We’re hiring! The Soundfly Team is seeking an experienced video creator to become the newest in-house Course Producer on our team. Even more specifically, we’re looking for a musician or music lover with a passion for communicating complex topics in simple, engaging, exciting new ways and experience making great videos.

As a Course Producer, your role will be to help us conceptualize, create, edit, and publish the highest quality educational materials on the web. You will work with our entire team and high-level instructors to imagine and generate all materials (videos, text, gifs, illustrations) for our online courses.

The ideal candidate will have a wide variety of skills and abilities and be based in the New York City area.

We’re looking for someone able to run the entire process of creating video-based courses from scratch, including:

  • Organize Video Shoots: You should be able to organize, plan, and execute video shoots involving one or several team members.
  • Operate Cameras: You should have proven skills as a camera operator and videographer with DSLR format camera rigs and the supporting equipment and lighting.
  • Edit and Animate Videos: You should have proven skills as an editor, specifically with Adobe products. Knowledge of Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Illustrator required.
  • Understand Multiple Media Types: In addition, you should have a solid understanding of various media/codecs and how to make various media work together on the timeline.
  • Be a Good Writer: You should have excellent grammar and writing skills and the ability to draw up language for a course when none exists.

In your application, please include examples of completed video work where you’ve tackled a majority of the tasks involved in the work’s creation.

In terms of personal characteristics, we’re looking for someone who is:

  • Unrelentingly self-motivated and able to take charge of a project
  • Able to give, take, and address constructive feedback/criticism
  • Imaginative and able to create something from nothing (video, music, graphics, etc.)
  • Detail oriented
  • Punctual and able to schedule, estimate, and adhere to deadlines and other target dates
  • A competent project manager able to coordinate, track, and manage project resources
  • A creative problem solver able to ask for help and take responsibility for finding novel solutions to challenges that pop up

Finally, the most ideal of all candidates also has some music and audio knowledge, including:

  • Love of Music. OK, this one’s non-negotiable.
  • General Music Experience. Some familiarity with an instrument, music theory, music production, or music business is a major plus. Extra points for being able to read and write music.
  • Ability to Learn on the Fly. We love learning. You should not let a lack of knowledge of a concept stop you, but instead figure it out with the help of the team.
  • Comfortable in DAWs. We make a lot of assets using Logic, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools, so having some basic knowledge is a plus.
  • Comfortable with Notation Software. Additionally, we often use Finale to make scores. You don’t have to be comfortable with this software but must be willing to learn.
  • Ability to Mix to Picture. Speaks for itself.
  • Some Familiarity with Recording. Some basic knowledge on how to record multitrack music is a plus.

To apply, please send an email to [email protected] with a résumé, a cover letter within your email as to why you want the role, and an example of video work where you’ve tackled the majority of the tasks involved. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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