10 Incredible Synths for Sale on Reverb (Right Now!)

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Do you think synths are awesome? Are you always coveting synths, be they analog, digital, modern, or vintage? Do you wish we would hit you with 10 incredible synths you can get on the marketplace, Reverb.com, right now?

Well, what can we say — you’re in luck! There are a bunch of super hot synths on Reverb as of this typing… So let’s dive in!

1. Moog Grandmother 32-Key Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

The Moog Grandmother 32-key semi-modular analog synthesizer is a powerful and versatile instrument for both novice and experienced synth enthusiasts. Its semi-modular design allows users to explore creative soundscapes through patching and routing of its various oscillators, envelopes, filters and modulation processors. The Grandmother also comes equipped with a 32-key Fatar keyboard, pre-loaded presets and access to the official Moog Eurorack module library. This iconic instrument delivers the best of both worlds; classic tones with modern flexibility! Dude!

This one is selling for $998 USD

2. Korg Minilogue XD Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

The Korg Minilogue XD polyphonic analog synthesizer is an incredibly powerful and feature-rich four-voice analog synth. It boasts a full slate of oscillators, envelopes, filters, and modulation processors never before seen in the Korg Minilogue range. Its unique voice modes allow for expressive sound shaping and the customizable 16-step sequencer provides convenient sequencing capabilities. With a user-friendly interface and with access to the full library of Korg modules, this is truly an all-in-one synth that can take your music production to new heights!

This one is selling for $650 USD

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3. Behringer TD-3 Analog Bass Line Synthesizer

The Behringer TD-3 analog bass line synthesizer is Behringer’s clone of the classic TB-303, only way to cheaply to pick it up. It’s a tight little instrument that allows you to explore classic bass lines with modern flexibility. It features two oscillators, a resonant filter, envelope controls and full LFO modulation capabilities for creating dynamic sounds. The sequencer can be used to create intricate rhythmic patterns and the built-in drive control adds warmth and depth to your sound. The Behringer TD-3 is perfect for creating bass lines that stand out in any mix, giving you the freedom to craft unique sonic textures suited to your own musical style.

This one is selling for $129 USD

4. Roland JU-06A Boutique Series Synthesizer Module

The Roland JU-06A Boutique Series synthesizer module is the perfect way to jump into legendary Roland analog synthesis. This compact and powerful module houses a complete set of iconic JUNO-106 sounds, plus a host of additional features like classic chorus and envelope settings. With its onboard arpeggiator, you can create complex rhythms with ease and its headphone output lets you connect directly to your listening device. The JU-06A’s intuitive interface and classic design make it easy for musicians of all levels to explore the world of analog sound making.

This one is selling for $399 USD

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5. Nord Stage 3 HA88 Hammer Action 88-Key Digital Piano

The Nord Stage 3 HA88 hammer action 88-key digital piano is an advanced and highly portable digital piano that offers a realistic experience for any pianist. It features an expressive 88-key hammer action keyboard for a dynamic playing feel, as well as grand weighted action and organ drawbar settings to recreate classic sounds. The excellent sound quality of the Nord Stage 3 HA88 is backed by its powerful triple amplifier system, providing superior audio performance in any environment. With its intuitive interface, huge library of sounds, and semi-weighted keys, the Nord Stage 3 HA88 is an ideal choice for the creative musician on the go.

This one is selling for $4,199 USD

6. Make Noise Maths Eurorack Modular Synth Analog Computer Module

We wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t include something for you Eurorack fans. The Make Noise Maths Eurorack modular synth analog computer module is a powerful and versatile analog modular system that allows you to explore the world of modular synthesis. With its intuitive interface and compact size, this module provides access to an entire universe of generator functions, logic operations, voltage processor functions, and parameter control options — all in one module. Whether you’re looking to expand your current setup or build a synth from scratch, the Make Noise Maths offers an exciting and rewarding journey into the world of modular synthesis.

This one is selling for $276 USD

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7. Suzuki Omnichord OM-84

Okay this one is weird, admittedly, but sometimes you just have to branch out to find that next crazy sound. Although funky looking, the Suzuki Omnichord OM-84 is actually a versatile electronic instrument that combines the sounds of a traditional guitar and organ with the features of a synthesizer. This unique instrument offers a wide range of sounds, including strings, flutes, vibraphone, piano and chorus effects. It also comes with built-in memory for storing up to 24 song patterns and 16 rhythm tracks for creating complex musical arrangements.

This one is selling for $675 USD

8. Yamaha DX7 Digital FM Synthesizer

The Yamaha DX7 digital FM synthesizer is a classic piece of electronic music technology from the 1980s — in other words, you need it! This award-winning synthesizer is renowned for its realistic (by ’80s standards) digital sound and its iconic drum sounds that can be heard in countless hit songs. With its powerful six-operator FM synthesis engine, the DX7 allows you to create an unlimited range of unique sounds, from barking bass lines to crystalline bells and searing leads.

This one is selling for $699 USD

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9. Oberheim Matrix 1000

Rack-mounted tone modules were the snit before plugins were a thing. Grab yourself a keyboard controller, a MIDI patch bay, and a bunch of tone modules, and you could conquer the world without having to take up space. The Oberheim Matrix 1000 is a classic analog synthesizer that combines the soulful sound of vintage synths with digital technology. It’s powered by a powerful 24-bit digital processor, allowing users to create incredibly detailed and nuanced sounds. The Matrix 1000 comes loaded with a vast selection of preset sounds as well as an extensive library of user-created patches, giving keyboardists countless ways to customize their sound. And it’s an Oberheim. Maybe that’s all you needed to hear.

This one is selling for $1,300 USD

10. Teenage Engineering PO Modular 400 Synthesizer

The Teenage Engineering PO Modular 400 synthesizer is a build-it-yourself analog synthesizer featuring three oscillators, noise, randomizing generator, two envelopes, two VCAs, LFO, filter, mixer, speakerbox, a power pack and a 1-16 step sequencer. In other words, it’s a big yellow do-it-all machine. When it comes to sound design and tonal chaos, this funky weapon can be all you need and more in a creative studio environment.

This one is selling for $420 USD

So, there you go. Your rundown of not even close to all the awesome synths you can pick up on Reverb.com as we speak. What are you still here for? Go! Spend your money!

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